The Venn Diagram Perspective on Learning & Development and Marketing

venn-diagram-41219_1280There is an overlap between training and development and marketing, and not just when you are training marketers. Both include assessing needs, knowing your target audience, motivating behavior, engaging the audience’s attention, and did I say motivation? For organizations, the most important way to address the task overlap in L&D and marketing is to make sure that your organizational message is clear and consistent. Four ways to start are:

  • Develop clear mission, vision, and values statements. The exercise of outlining and stating your mission, vision, and values allows you to focus on what your organization is about. Your statement(s) could focus on ethics, where you want to go with the company, what you want employees and consumers to know about your organization.
  • Be consistent. If a new marketing campaign is being developed, look for ways to cross-pollinate your marketing and training materials with the same message.
  • Train with marketing in mind. Employees market your organization. They present an image and create awareness of your company. Provide them with the information they need to consistently represent the organization according to your current mission, vision, values, and goals with just-in-time training, job aids, and knowledge management plans.
  • Motivate people that are important to your organization. Reward employees for hard work, and innovation. Develop your brand to create loyalty in consumers-treat them with respect, meet their needs, and give them a customer service experience they feel good about sharing with others.

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